Vertical Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

Especially in high-viscosity, sticky and granular feature exhibits of food or personal care products, hygienically designed to be used for heating and cooling, a heat exchanger. Ketchup, soups, sauces, fruit purees, baby foods, desserts, face creams, body lotions and shampoos are suitable for use for products such as low-and moderate viscosity. Substances with different characteristics and are suitable for use as a heat transfer material. All Others compared to the heat exchanger, the heat transfer characteristics far superior in terms of exhibits.

Interm, due to its special design, is an ideal heat transfer, heating or cooling performs. Product being pumped out of the cylinder, with the help of delays and knives turbulence is exposed on the surface of the system, and the heat exchange is performed. Product enters the cylinder from the bottom and flows upward. The rotating blades, the product of a homogeneous product, remove the cylinder walls to provide heat transfer. The cylinder and the rotor speed, and product flow can be changed in accordance with product specifications. 

- To ensure optimum heat transfer, two identical heat transfer surface.

- Continuous efficient heat transfer by scraping the entire surface.

- large heating surface per machine.

General functions

- Heat transfer surfaces for heating and cooling the film product which becomes fluid properties.

- Crystallization process.

- Exhibit different physical and chemical properties of products containing particles, heating and cooling

- Phase change cooling of liquids expected.

The Interm 152mm internal diameter of the cylinder standard type heat exchanger and the heat exchanger surface area of 0.28m2 occurs. Heat exchanger can be manufactured in different sizes according to different needs. All models All the parts in contact with the product, 316L stainless steel. Between temperatures of -34.4 degrees and 149.0 degrees designed to be used with all products, heat transfer agents. Maximum working pressure for the product to be heated or cooled, 7.20 bar 149.0 degrees, 149.0 degrees for the heat transfer agent is 2.17 bar. The noise created during the operation of the heat exchanger, is about 72 db. All parts of the heat exchanger, strength and tightness tests passed.

Heat transfer material and heat transfer agent circulation line.

The substance used to provide heat transfer, even circulate between the heat exchanger cylinder and the outer jacket. This line can be designed to sprinkle or plate. Sprinkle of format used when you want to create turbulence in the line of circulation. For circulation line, the format is selected depending on the characteristics of heat transfer agent.


The propeller is made of 316L stainless steel and is equipped with pins holding the scraper blades. With the help of the motor turns the propeller, and the turning blades, allows scraping the inner surface of the cylinder. Interm, the propeller can be used with different diameter size. Generally, large diameter propeller-type product, which prevents particles, is recommended. In addition, the following factors should be considered when selecting the propeller type. 

The camshaft assembly of The camshaft with the motor, this property, viscosity and adhesive products, the recommended design. Increasing the speed of the shaft assembly of the product mixture, removes the ruins caused by continuous rotation, and reduces the rise in temperature caused by the mechanical environment. 

Principle of Operation

Product being pumped into the cylinder, the cylinder flows in continuously stirred, and the cylinder lining is scraped by the scraper blades. Thus, the heat transfer during the product's cylinder wall to prevent sticking and residue. So the heat transfer efficiency is increased.

Through the product flow rate and speed of adjustment of the propeller rotation speed can be set at various levels. So many products with different characteristics can be used to Interm. 

Interm in an effective and efficient performance of its simple design structure, and a very large heat transfer surface caused by the mixing of the product.

Internal cross-sectional 

Heat exchanger with within the cylinders are rotating shaft, and the shaft has on the scraper blades. The product is part of the entrance of the shaft and the heat transfer roller. Article cylinder heat transfer is passed outside the jacket. Jacket, in order to improve the efficiency of heat transfer is isolated. On the outside of the insulation layer, this layer is protecting the stainless steel finish.

Sealing elements

- Standard seals.

- Reinforced seals.

- Carbon seals wash.

- Reinforced seals wash.




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