Coconut Coating Machine

Innovas in the food sector by providing innovative solutions to problems. Development of product variety and taste of the food industry has been developing products for the research.


Operation of the system


Particles to be coated with the product, when it comes to making the necessary actions will be covered through the particle coating machine directions. Particle coatings, the amount of particles in the dense and compacted with a vibrating coated to provide a homogeneous product without creating any deformation. Through continuous feed system, hands-free system coating particles are transported module.


Be covered particle and products


Coconut, sugar, processed colorful candies, nuts, peanuts, and chocolate particles such as rice cakes, waffles, soft candy, Turkish delight, products such as coated.



The distinguishing features


- The conveyor belt can be adjusted on the particle flow. This property is set according to the type of product and size.


- The amount of coating yield the desired results can be obtained upon request by adjusting the frequency of vibration.

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