We offer system solutions in your mind

Innovas, the experienced and specialized structure, advanced software applications, technological infrastructure and innovative systems developed by rigging the production business processes to meet emerging needs, we offer solutions that will increase production speed and efficiency.
  • Property, manufacturing or assembly processes used in the design of all electronic and mechanical systems and manufacturing.
  • Modular conveyors.
  • We produce custom design and manufacturing.
  • Cruise control and PLC applications.
  • After-sales support.

We care our customers

Through delivering innovative products system design, consultancy and manufacturing, we beliave we can help our customers and add value to their products which leads to enhance earning potential, increasing production speed and efficency in profits. We focus on understand to our customer’s environments before choosing and developing the most suitable technologies, providing special and specific solutions to help them achieve their business outcomes.

News and Activities

Innovas is in the italian press 12.05.2019 -- Innovas took part in the Italian press with his work... Read more
ARB Conveyor Installation 06.03.2017 -- For a leading biscuit factory ARB conveyor installed by Innovas Machinery... Read more
Double Layer Manual Chocolate Molding Line 23.02.2017 -- Double layer manual chocolate molding line, which was produced and installed by Innovas Makina, has started to work and production at Melodi Chocolate facilities... Read more
Hygienic solutions with Innovas Intralox Thermodrive 26.01.2017 -- İnnovas Makina presented the solution by re-designing the metal detector band working polyurethane tape with thermodrive band of Intralox firm which is a more hygienic solution... Read more
Our chocolate depositor in Cairo has been going on working. 06.01.2017 -- Our product, which perfectly places the cream in chocolate, is being used in Cairo/Egypt by Covertina for 1 year... Read more
Soft Candy Cooling Line 12.11.2014 -- We developed this line for the cooling of soft candy, it began production "Tayas Food Industry" facilities.. Read more
WhiteRabbit Demoulding Robot02.07.2014 -- Developed for high-speed packaging the new demoulding robot WhiteRabbit put into operation in Nestle-Balaban's facility. Read more
New Chocolate Pick And Place Robot 16.07.2013 -- Our new Chocolate Pick And Place Robot started production. Read more
Nestle Machine Revision 02.05.2013 -- Nestle's, which is owned by considering all the components of Schroder brand Kombinatör(Combiners) to work refreshed and revised conditions required. Read more


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