Hygienic Thermodrive Conveyor

İnnovas Machinery presented the solution by re-designing the metal detector belt working polyurethane belt with thermodrive belt of Intralox firm which is a more hygienic solution.

Polyurethane belt working with tightening principle;
- Short service life, quick wear
- Excessive wear and tear on belt edges: low hygiene level, risk of contamination of foreign matter in the product
- Risk of high microbial contamination in possible pores in polyurethane bandage

Thermodrive belt with no tension;
- Zero tension belt: long service life, no wear
- Hygienic monoblock surface; No diaper, only polyurethane
- Cleandrive gear positive drive system; Washable structure

The application in the picture has been replaced with the thermodrive belt by removing the old polyurethane belt, the system has been used in the metal detector belt application in the ready-made soup sector.

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